Advances in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have expanded the modern battlefield,” said NAVWAR Executive Director John Pope. “These technologies coupled with process improvement and an innovative mindset of continual learning, are critical to winning the future fight. This data science program empowers professionals from across our organization to apply these advanced technologies in new and creative ways to rapidly make data-driven decisions for the fleet.

Broadleaf, Inc. is working hand in hand with the US Navy’s Naval Information Warfare Systems Command to deliver this fundamental Data Science training to the Navy workforce utilizing a theory-to-practice approach called the Data Science “Incubator”. The Incubator pairs training participants who have identified potential business applications of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other Statistical analysis techniques with practicing Data Scientists with the goal of learning data science by applying these techniques to real-world NAVWAR problems and opportunities.  Students will not only gain first-hand experience participating in a data science project from start to finish, but will also end up with analytics solution.

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