September 25th 2021, Broadleaf was awarded a contract with Program Coordinator Mission Planning Services. During this contract Broadleaf, Inc will determine initial mission planning requirements for various mission requests with specific instructions (VISA/RAVENS/CALLSIGN), ensuring we meet Very Important People (VIPs) and 201AS staff expectations. Our staff coordinates the information and logistical support for all missions. We coordinate software and publications for all flights and support the determination of aircraft suitability, runway dimensions, pavement classification number, airfield elevations and/or performance limitations for aircraft, as well as coordinate all conflicts with Aircraft Commander. Only the 201AS, out of 80+ squadrons in the entire ANG, support VIP airlift. Receiving orders and missions from the highest levels (Whitehouse, Secretary of State, etc.), we can have less than 48 hours to prepare for a flight.

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