Software Engineering

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Software Engineering encompasses a number of disciplines which are all required to successfully deliver quality software products. Broadleaf uses Agile software development methodologies for our software engineering projects to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the shortest possible time frame.

Software Development is the construction of software source code in accordance with a software design. Because we use Agile methodologies, our software develop process is repeatable and manageable. This allows us to control quality of the software being delivered and deploy working, incremental features to our customers early and often in the project life-cycle. Our combination of Agile and CMMI processes ensure that our clients receive the benefits of Agile development with the discipline of the CMMI maturity.

Configuration Management

The cornerstone of software engineering are quality Configuration Management (CM) processes and tools. CM is absolutely necessary to ensure software changes are tracked and made in a coordinated and controllable manner. The purpose of CM is to establish and maintain the integrity of work products, control changes, and create accurate software baselines.