Custom Software Solutions

Many times there is no commercial product available to meet our clients needs. One of the areas we excel is custom software solutions.

Through years of experience we found that almost all custom software solutions start with a core, or foundation. We honed and developed our “application framework” from year’s worth of experience developing custom solutions for our clients. Our framework provides a stable basis for all of our software engineering projects. We use our framework to quickly deliver custom solutions to our customers by building upon this framework. Our clients maintain all rights to the source code and any solution developed with this framework becomes their property.

We can begin working on your custom solution sooner than our competitors because we do not reinvent core system components each and every time. Our application framework is based on many of the best design practices and patterns used in software engineering.

  • Speed. We can quickly begin working on your solution within 2 days because all core application features are already complete.
  • Scalable. Our custom framework is the basis for systems that have tens of thousands of users with thousands of daily transactions. It has been tested in real world environments supporting commercial and DOD customers. We have utilized our framework in systems that have over 60 distinct applications to create a unique, seamless look & feel, and administrative capability.
  • Tested. Years worth of experience and testing prove we can deliver high quality custom software.
  • No bugs. Our framework has been tested through years of usage. You will not pay us to fix bugs or recreate work.
  • Rapid Legacy Migration. We can install and integrate our framework in a matter of hours and immediately begin the process of migrating legacy systems and applications.
  • Many core features. Our framework includes many powerful administrative features, support for multiple time zones, user activity logging, completely customization roles & permissions, email notifications, and many other core system components that are always required for enterprise level systems.